Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cornille Havard

My interest in bells took root in Villedieu les poels in Normandy many years ago. I visited the Cornille Havard Foundry and enjoyed a tour of the buildings. There were some magnificent huge church bells ready for delivery. I wondered where they would end up. Whose lives would they touch? How would the world change before the bells needed replacing? Thought of all the events at which those bells would be heard. Bells are like that. They stir the imagination. At the end of the visit I bought a 4 inch diameter handled bell as a memento. Last year I gave it to my daughter who lived in New York at the time. She's now moving to Dallas so the bell's off again. Meanwhile, another excuse to contact Cornille Havard! This bell is the result. It has a 6 inch diameter. When the bell arrived it had a rather small handle probably due to a misunderstanding. During a trip to Whitechapel Bell Foundry I saw a delightful handle and asked them to fit it to this bell. It is made from Wenge and has a deep rich brown colour with an attractive grain.

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