Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finding Bells

Bells are everywhere. Anyone could quickly assemble a huge collection. They come in all shapes and sizes and different materials. Apart from obvious sources like antique shops, charity shops, car boot and garage sales, you can buy new from suppliers and bell foundries. And then there is Ebay.They are in nearly every home, on display or in the attic. They can cost a few pence or a few thousand.
So a collector has to decide what type of bell to collect, how many and at what cost. I am determined not to let my bells overwhelm my home so I am keeping to numbers I can display in my study, a room 12ft x 10ft, or hang outside the house.
The bells I collect have not been easy to find. Really good quality bells from famous founders or with a story to tell only turn up occasionally.

I have obtained a few on Ebay, some in antique shops, some via friends and some direct from foundries. When you let it be known what you collect you will get the odd call from someone who has found one they know will interest you. Those able to attend meetings of the American Bell Association can attend one of their bell auctions. Living in England that's not an option for me. Perhaps that's as well!

While we all enjoy a discovery in a most unexpected place. I love to visit a bell foundry and buy a new bell direct from the maker. At least that way you know exactly what you are getting and can ensure future owners know the bell's history.

Above all, have fun looking. And buy because you enjoy it.


Ethanne said...

It is clear that you love your bells and enjoy your collection.

You also have great fun looking for bells and choosing the perfect one to add to your collection.

My mother had a lovely collection and friends and family kept adding to it.

Since she is gone, we each have some to remember her and her bells.

fido said...

Many thanks. Always delighted to here from anyone who has come across my blog!