Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Introducing my collection

I have published this blog to share some of the fun I have had in building my bell collection. I have always had in mind the need to limit the numbers and size of bells to avoid turning my house into a museum. I have set limiting criteria. I have concentrated mainly on bronze bells with handles from famous foundries around the world past and present. But I also have bells which have had a variety of practical uses. I love excuses to visit a bell foundry or anyone with a bell on offer. I enjoy contact with sellers in other countries. I have read several books about bells and joined the American Bell Association and the Bell Collectors of the British Isles group. I keep the collection in my study, a room about 12ft x 10 ft, and have a few outside the house. The photos show a part of the room. The bells sit alongside other essentials in what is a well used practical room. As well as bells I enjoy music, opera, sport, the internet and photography. I hope my little stories will encourage others to share their passions whatever they might be.

Because I want to keep my collection together in my study, from time to time I sell bells to make room for a special addition. In this blog, I will put a note against any bells I have now sold. But I will keep the entry as a reminder and it may help someone to identify a bell.


Neil said...

Nevermind the bells, that's quite a spectacular television set you have there! HAHA, just kidding, I rarely watch TV myself anyway.

I'm thinking, one day you should have enough family members round to ring your entire bell collection simultaneously!

Kevin said...

Hi there
Fascinating to see all the bells - I never knew there were so many different types.

Oh, and I agree with Neil: Great TV!
Keep well

English Good One said...

Apart from the spectacular television i can also see a nice computer by it's side and not to mention all those wonderful bells. It's a nice and unique collection.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Pete,
Its Jo here,I really enjoyed your whole blog ,its really well set up, who knew all the talents you had!!never knew the Fido thing, imagine that after all these years! I have one teeny bell that sat on Nanny's mantle for years, then Mom had it for quite a while, and now me, it sat (and still sits) with other little brass items, a mini toby jug, a shoe. a bowl, a snuff box, do you remember them? lots of sentimental value. Anyway, keep up the good work!! I will check in to see any new additions!! Love Jo

Shionge said...

Hiya Fido - Thank you for much for dropping by at my blog and after looking at your vast collection of bells, I pale in comparison :(

still, I was overwhelmed after looking at the different types of bells and the history behind some. Hey, I've got a replica of the liberty bells and thanks to you, I read about the history too.

Due to the humidity here, I reaslied my copper or tin bells will be oxidised and turn rusty so instead I tend to buy more of those china type. Usually I buy them when I travelled, served as a souvenir and adds to my collection too.

Thank you once you collect porcelain bells too?

Anonymous said...

hi Fido,

Such a nice collections of bell that you have.I'm collector of bell also by not as many as you have.On top of that I have 1 rare bell which I don't know the manufacturer of the year it was made.Maybe you got any idea on this item. check the item at my blog:


Spyder said...

Hi Peter! Lovely to 'hear' from you again! I remember your bells! and I think I even put a link in somewhere, 'time' for another one I think!! (although your bells aren't clock bells!) I did have a 'note' from some one who collected nuts and bolts once but can't seem to find him now. Hope you and your family are well, and you should get your wife 'blogging too, it's fun! and you do 'meet' some very extraordinary and fabulously talented people!

school bells said...

It's my first time to see bell collector,and get amaze.You have huge of different sizes and style of bells.Very unique collectors item.

Fido said...

Thank you. I still love my bells. They surround me every day as I work in my room where they are kept