Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A perfect example of a handled bell from the world's greatest bell foundry. Yes, I'm biased.

It is engraved:

Peter Hyde
New Forest

A gift to mark my 60th birthday. I love the idea of a named bell. Us bell enthusiasts should all have one. I want to add a suitable quotation. What would you have on your bell?
It stands 15 inches x 7 inches diameter.


Anonymous said...

Never done this before, hope you can read this. My hubby and I are bell collectors. But, what inspired me to write was the bell with your name. I have a very strange name and my daughter gave me a glass bell, etched with my name. It is a treasure, to me.

I have enjoyed looking at all your bells.

fido said...

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is Hyder from Pakistan. I am really delighted to see your collection of bells. Thanks for sharing your treasure with us.

I have an assorted collection of small bells of various kinds. But I never knew there were gurus like you out there. Bless you.


sheraz hyder

Fido said...

Thank you very much. It gave me great pleasure to collect my bells. I am still surrounded by many as I write this. My grandchildren love ringing many of them - when I let them!

Best wishes.