Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sanctus gong

I found this on Ebay described as a table bell! Some table. Some bell!

It is a superb example of a sanctus gong and has a glorious ring when tapped by a wooden mallet. The seller could not tell me where it was used. This is a worrying issue. I know churches are reluctant to acknowledge selling these items but one is left feeling uneasy without knowing that there has been a legitimate sale. Still, I will enjoy it and it looks magnificent with my group of sanctus bells. It is 17 inches high and the gong has a diameter of 10 inches. The sound tells me it is bronze.


Steve Gio said...

I was raised Catholic (I'm 64) and was an altar boy and I was stunned to see a Sanctus Gong! I hadn't seen one in 40 years as the Catholic Church doesn't use them anymore. Beautiful condition. You're lucky to have one.

Steve Giovangelo

Fido said...

Thank you. It's sits alongside the set of sanctus bells made by Whitechapel shown elsewhere in this blog.